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Here at Global Investment we are celebrating 3 years of online activity. With this occasion we decided to change the minimum deposit to $500 instead of $1,500 until 31-12-2015. This way we wish to give everyone the chance to invest with our company.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: Why should I choose your company among others ?
A: We are the Leading in online money investment. The reliability of our company is ensured by its being a member of professional associations and its openness to various independent ratings. Our strategy for success is a careful selection of investments, which combined with strong sector focus ensures that we can provide an exceptional quality and level of support.

Q: How can I start investing in Global Investment?
A: Step1. Open Perfect Money Account. Please check here for the detail information on how to open Perfect Money account.
Step2. Fund your Perfect Money account
Please visit  Perfect Money exchange providers for more information.
Step3. Transfer fund to our account. To do this go to the
invest page and make a deposit into our Perfect Money account.
Step4. Receive Your profit. Your profit will be paid according to your Investment Plan in US Dollars or Euros. You will receive your profits daily directly into your Perfect Money account.
Step5. Withdraw Your Income. After you receive your profit into your Perfect Money account you can transfer it back into your bank account. To do this you will need to use the services provided by exchangers in Step2.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept ?
A: We currently accept Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Bank Wire Transfer. The minimum Bank Wire amount is $4,000. Please contact us for Bank Wire Transfer instructions. It may take up to 5 business days for your account to be funded.

Q: What is Perfect Money and how can I use it ?

A: Perfect Money is one of the most used and trusted online currency. You can open an account with them for free, and have various methods of funding it including wire transfer, money order or by credit card.

Q: How can I buy and sell  Bitcoin?
A: There are exchanger where you can buy and sell Bitcoins. please visit  Bitcoin exchange providers for a list of major exchangers.

Q: How do I fund my Perfect Money account ?

A: There are exchange providers where you can sell/buy Perfect Money. You can fund your Perfect Money account by Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, Credit Card, Western Union, Money Gram and other payment methods. please visit
 Perfect Money exchange providers for more information.

Can I make a deposit by credit card?
Absolutely, you can make a deposit using  VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. You can use any exchange service officially listed at to purchase Perfect Money and invest with us.

Can I  make a deposit via PayPal?
No, unfortunately, we do not accept deposits via PayPal.  But you can easily transfer the funds you have in your PayPal accounts into Perfect Money. To do this you need to use an exchanger. To find the most suitable one, please visit 
Perfect Money exchange providers

Q: Can I spend in any other e-currency besides Perfect Money?
A: Sorry, but our automated systems are only setup to receive payments via Perfect Money.

Q: Where are you Global Investment located ?
A: We have 2 subsidiaries: one in Dallas, TX, US and another in Panama City, Panama. The corporate headquarters is in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Q: How do I invest ?
A: To invest, all you need is a Perfect Money account. Once you have that, click the "Invest" page and fill in the form.

Q: When do I receive my profits ?
A: For the Simple Plan, your profits will be credited to your Perfect Money account 24 hours after you have made your investment.

Q: Where do you pay my profits ?
A: Your profits shall be paid directly into the Perfect Money account you invested from. Our programmers have created an automated system so no payouts can be missed.

Q: What guarantees of not losing my money do I have ?
A: We have a money-back guarantee policy regarding both the principal amount and its due profits of your investment therefore your money shall always be protected.

Q: What are the profits ?
A: With the Simple Plan, you will earn a total of 110% divided into 10 payments of 15% daily directly into your account. As for the Compounded Plan, all your daily profits will be rolled back into the program, thus giving you a total of 400% back on the 8th day.

Q: Are you listed on any hyip rating websites ?
A: We are not on any hyip listing because most of them are fake and scamming websites that we do not wish to be associated with in any way.

Q: For how much time do you think this online program will be running ?
A: For as long as it will generate good profit levels. We are growing all the time and the more investors join our family the bigger the profit margin for everyone. However, if we were to close our operations at any time in the future we would announce that 2 weeks prior to the closing and we would return the investments of everyone involved from our backup funds account.

Q: Are you using other online programs with bigger profit margins to invest my money ?
A: No, our trading is completely legit and we are not associated with any other similar program at the present time.

Q: How do I make a deposit ?
A: You just need to open a Perfect Money account. After that, all you need to do is enter the investment amount and click the Invest button.

Q: How are you capable of generating such large profits ?
A: Our professional traders and investment experts each have a background of at least 20 years in their area of expertise and they know which opportunities to seize upon. They have their own secrets and special methods that are applied to great success, but they always need funding for their investments therefore our program works for everyone involved. The basic principle is : the more money available to our experts, the larger the profit margin.

Q: Are there any hidden taxes, administrative fees or other costs ?
A: No, we charge no administrative fees or any other kind of taxes.

Q: Can I increase the funds I added to my deposit ?
A: Yes, you can do that at any time by the same methods stated above.

Q: When do I receive my profit payments ?
A: We process profit payments daily, at 1 pm GMT.

Q: What about my principal ? When do I get it back ?
A: You will get it on the 10th day, along with your last payment.

Q: Do those times refer to every day in the calendar or just to business days ?
A: Your interest will be paid every day of the year not only on business days.

Q: How will investor updates be provided ?
A: We update all our investors via email as soon as any updates occur.

Q: How will my daily profit be paid ?
A: Your daily payouts will go directly into your Perfect Money account.

Q: What about a referral program ?
A: We do not operate such program yet.

Q: Are multi-deposits allowed ?
A: Yes, you can make as many deposits as you want, but not more than $100,000 per day. We treat each new deposit individually.

Q: Are there limits to the amount I can deposit ?
A: The minimum deposit is $500 and the maximum is $100,000 per day.

Q: Why do you take money from the Internet? You can as well use your own assets if you rely on your business completely.
A: We use our money as well, but due to the deposits via Internet we have got unlimited opportunities in the investment field.

Q: Who can join your program ?
A: Everyone can. International investors are welcomed too. Your only requirement is to have a Perfect Money account.

Q: Do you have the means to return my money in case your efforts fail ?
A: Yes, we have a backup funds account and we shall continue to increase it as we cater for an ever larger clientele.

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Moneyback Guarantee

We diminish the risks normally associated with these types of investments by pooling your money and spreading the investments across a diverse range of global opportunities such as bonds, IPOs, finance & property, private equity funds, forex, co-investing in direct investments and private placement investment funds etc.
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